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By trapping air between two panes of glass, the air acts as insulation, making it harder for noise, heat and condensation to travel through.


Whilst normal window glass is between 5mm - 8mm thick, our windows are fitted with 19mm - 28mm glass units making your windows more energy efficient. 

Although initial costs for installing double glazed windows are higher, in the long run there are increased cost savings from air conditioning efficiency. The return on investment is usually within 4-5 years.


Customised Glass

Choose from different colours

Cool air inside

Improve your air conditioning efficiency


Our glass is 19mm - 28mm thick

Trapped Air

Prevents noise and heat from travelling through 


Choose from uPVC or Thermal Aluminium

Warm air  outside

Improve your air conditioning efficiency

Cool air inside

Improve your air conditioning efficiency

Warm air  outside

Improve your air conditioning efficiency

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If your building is located on a busy street or road with lots of passing traffic, the latest double glazed uPVC windows can significantly decrease the amount of noise transmitted through your windows for a quieter, peaceful home/workplace. Whilst the average reduction is 30 dB, Triple Glazed windows can drastically reduce noise by another level.


Reduced Noise

Less noise pollution to disturb your peace.



Choose from a range of designs and colours to enhance your building's appearance.

Energy Efficient

Less energy is used in generating air pollution and electricity which is better for the environment.

Better Weather Performance

Modern uPVC windows have been tested to withstand gale force conditions. Our profiles have a layer of UV to protect against sunlight.

Reduced Cost

Less air conditioning usage means a saving on electricity/energy bills.

Improved Security

Many uPVC window systems incorporate extra security features including special locks (multi-point locking system), to protect your home.

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